Stéphane Klein

Ambassador for the year 2014 2014


Stéphane Klein, Museum ambassador for the year 2014

Stéphane Klein

prominent professional in sugar work, Stéphane Klein is famous in France and also internationally.

Native of Belfort (east of France), he took his first steps in the universe of gastronomy in his parent's bakery. The craft immediately captivated him, it is principally his artistic ability that drove him to sculpt sugar.

After a degree in pastry cooking, he worked with his father and became enthralled by the art of sugar which he discovered primarily through the Encyclopedia of Yves Thuriès. He was inspired by the creations of the double master craftsman of France to make his own first creations in sugar: a basket with flowers, a swan...

When a School of pastry cooking in France asked him to initiate its' students into sugar work, he was delighted to share his passion and soon devoted himself entirely to teaching.
Almost 300 people were trained in 2013 in the art of sugar-pulling, sugar-blowing and pastillage in his School of Sugar in Belfort.

Some of these marvellous works, impressive by their attention to detail are being shown this year in the Museum Les Arts du Sucre et du Chocolat Yves Thuriès.

Thuriès Magazine features a a portrait album in the June 2013 issue (in French).

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