The Museum shop

By Yves Thuriès


Chocolates, candies and sweets are available at the Museum shop

The visit makes you hungry ?

We welcome you at the Museum shop (free entrance) where you will find a wide choice of chocolates and sweets by Yves Thuriès, twice elected as "Meilleur Ouvrier de France" - best craftsman in France.

The shop welcomes you during the Museum opening times.

We'll be more than happy to welcome you in our shop very soon, to make you discover Yves Thuriès's chocolates and the croquant of Cordes.


Croquant of Cordes sur Ciel

Our Head Pastry Chef Patrick Lasseigne offers a new and modern version of the famous Croquant of Cordes, a local speciality made with almonds and sugar.

The croquant is a real symbol of the small wity of Cordes sur Ciel and today no visitor leaves Cordes without their packet of croquants !


A little history

In the 17th century, the Count of Cordes found that he had an excess of almonds; almond trees flourished throughout the region. What could be done with this produce ?

This was the era of oublie biscuits (egg whites, sugar, vanilla, chocolate chips) and waffles. Mother Bordes who ran a hostellry in old Cordes and who also served wine from the region, that's to say Gaillac wine, decided to prepare, as an accompaniement for this beverage, "shells" made from a base of almonds and egg whites which very quickly became known as "les Croquants de Cordes", because of their crunchiness and crispiness...

This custom expanded to such an extent, that in all cottages, after baking bread, would come the cooking of "croquants". There was real competition as to who made the best croquant, recipes were jealously guarded.

Nevertheless, they let their recipes become known and every person from the region knew how to make excellent croquants. One can find recipes for croquants in many publications from the end of the 18thcentury and the beginning of the 19th century.

Yves Thuriès and the croquants of Cordes sur Ciel

When he was a child, Yves Thuriès discover Cordes sur Ciel with his teacher. The medieval village of a thousand legends left him a strong impression.

In the mid 1970's Cordes became a tourist site. Yves Thuriès wanted to go back. He opened "The City Boutique" in the village to sell the famous medieval biscuits "the croquants" and revived the village speciality.

Yves Thuriès has a habit of showing how through the bubbles of a good croquant one can see the bell tower of the village opposite from the top square of Cordes.

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